Las Vegas Wash
Year end reports

This comprehensive annual review (and, below, a more extensive five-year version) showcases the efforts, progress, and achievements of the teams maintaining Las Vegas' local wetlands [the Wash]

In addition to setting a brand standard for this department within the Southern Nevada Water Authority with consistent imagery, color palette, and typefaces (see CASE STUDY), I designed the annual report to explain the progress of the department’s goals.

Here's a look through the report covering a five-year period:

SPECIAL COVER FORMATTING: The front or back cover of each report has an extended flap listing Action Items: goals for the Wash set out by its founding organization. The opening spread for each chapter lists corresponding numbers to indicate which Action Items are addressed throughout the chapter. My design makes it easy for the reader to read the details of specific Items in conjunction with the research being presented.  

CONSIDERATIONS: recycled paper used on 4 color press required on-site supervision. 

DESIGN AWARDS: I received multiple iterations of these annual reports or excellence in communication design from the Public Relations Society of America, including the highest honor in its category, a Pinnacle.

annual reports


When I was first contracted, YWCA's brand held steadily at PMS 172 and Arial Black. It was  imperative for me to design within brand guidelines but also to provide creative solutions to what might have been tired, repetitive information delivery. 

The first annual report I created for them allowed a tiny variation on corporate colors: a bright sunny yellow orange supported the existing brand and adds a burst of warmth. 2011’s theme was “Moving Forward,” based on artwork provided by domestic violence survivors.

The following year, I used client artwork again, this time in a more streamlined format.

The YWCA national organization adopted a new brand direction and style guide, exchanging a bold treatment of core statements, Avenir Next typeface, and personal photography mixed with black and white stock images.  I adapted the new look for the 2014 annual report.