cambridge weavers

When Cambridge Hospitality Weavers released its “New Art Collection” of carpet design, they asked me to create a comprehensive sample and swatch book for the collection. Organizing introductory copy as well as color swatches and carpet sample imagery was the main focus of the interactive PDF. [not all spreads are included herein]


I also designed a trifold brochure introducing CW's sustainability practices to clients.

water smart calendar

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) mails its customers (specifically those in single-family, owner-occupied homes) a Water Smart Calendar every year as part of its Water Smart Landscapes program to encourage reduced water use throughout the community. Showcasing winners of the SNWA’s annual Landscape Awards contest provides examples of successful and beautiful xeriscaping. The calendar also serves to remind customers of drought restrictions and assigned watering days. It features both a water saving and a water quality tip each month. To offset the use of public funds, the project receives a grant from the Nevada Division of Environmental protection. For 2010, I designed the calendar’s compact size and double-month spreads to accommodate a tighter budget while adhering to the SNWA’s sustainability objectives by using 30% post-consumer recycled paper. 

Rockefeller Foundation

Taking my design cues from the Foundation's website, I created a simple two page paper to promote their Revalue Ecosystems initiative. Photography was sourced from both stock libraries and staff contributions.


snwa programs brochure

Incorporating illustrations and slogans based on 1940s war effort posters, the brochure was part of an organization-wide campaign that reached over 300,000 residents in Las Vegas. The brochure promotes water conservation programs and offers landscaping tips and construction resources. Designed and printed in both English and Spanish. 

promotional insert

To generate positive buzz and anticipation for the film’s release to Columbia House DVD Club members. Echoing the dark, surreal atmosphere of the film, I designed this 11x17 flyer using studio-appropriated imagery and chose a disconcerting type style.